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Internet Explorer 9 (IE 9)

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I have been using the beta of IE 9 for a while now and I love it I was not exited about IE 7 or8 but the one is fantastic! When it comes out in Windows update I think everyone should update to it but not everyone will because Stat counter said worldwide 27.7% of people are on IE 8 14.8% for IE 7 and 8.7% on IE 6! I used to use Chrome and Firefox before that and I have the Chrome and Firefox Betas but I just can’t go back even with the Chrome ‘instant’ page load IE 9 is still better. The GPU acceleration helps a lot. The whole browser is faster I loaded Bing and Google in both Chrome and IE 9 and IE 9 was faster I also tested the 2 starting up and IE 9 won. If you know what is happening with H.264 and Google (Web M) then you will understand why I am very happy that IE 9 is so good.IE 9 integrates with windows better than other browsers do if you have a web app it can run as an icon next to native programs. I think that you should get the beta. Overall I think Internet Explorer 9 is the best browser out there at the moment and I can’t wait for it to be released.

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